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Jane Burch Cochran
Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Fabrics, recycled fabric items, beads, buttons, paint
Machine pieced, machine appliquéd, hand appliquéd using beads, hand embellished with beads and buttons, hand quilted and tied with embroidery thread
77 x 61 inches

Jane Cochran explains: "The imagery in Moonlight first appeared in an 18" quilt from a series of small works. I wanted to make a large version of the small quilt. I had to add more detail such as the birds perched on the walking stick and the Luna moths in the moon.  The figure became patchwork rather than a solid fabric. The format changed from a square to a rectangle.

"My quilts are highly embellished with beads, buttons, recycled fabric items, and paint to enhance the narrative with a unique and personal texture. In Moonlight, I have used gloves and doilies plus lots and lots of buttons and beads.  The background is painted canvas to which I have appliquéd the figure, moon, and other pieces using beads.

"My quilts are considered narrative because some of the imagery is recognizable. The quilt does not usually tell a particular story, but it is left to the viewers to see and translate what they will."



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Toward Barred Island by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade (detail)

Bottom left and right: Toward Barred Island (detail) by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade