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Pauline Burbidge
Allanbank Mill, Allanton, Scotland

Materials: Cotton fabrics, machine stitching threads, hand stitching threads, wadding, acrylic paint. (Air, warmth, light, electricity, water, soap.)
Techniques: Drawing, collage, machine stitch, hand stitch, fabric paint, gathering, pleating, stenciling, mono print, roller painting, ironing, laundering and washing.
81 x 80 inches (205 x 203 cm)

HORIZONS OF PUGLIA is one of a series of major recent studio quilts by Pauline Burbidge that the poet Alice Mitchell has dubbed "Quiltscapes."

Before Mists Lift
for Pauline Burbidge

Morning gauze ruffled and ruched
sewn to the fabric of sturdy earth,
a run of white stitches like rain
then the dark, waxed thread
and dyed cloth, a drenching does.

At the margin hedgerow and verge
pleats and folds into ditch and dip,
arch and swoop of grass and vetch
makes crisp criss-cross order -
pieces together a raised-work border.

A steel needle flies in and out
unseen, seams and hems landscape
so quiltscape is landscape sewn.

—Alice Mitchell

This Quiltscape was inspired by Pauline's visits to the rural area of Puglia on the heel of southern Italy's boot. She says, "the white limestone. the vegetation, the horizons and rural landscape, all gave me a feeling of linking the past the present. The tranquility of these surroundings has allowed me time to contemplate, time to draw, time to reassess, time to absorb the natural world. The area has a rich feeling of layers of time.

I have enjoyed making studies the speedy drawing process of mono printing, concentrating on the vegetation for my inspiration. I was happy to study the eryngium, rocket, cactus, rosemary, olive, and pine trees growing in the area. Also during several visits I have built up drawings of the wider landscape, the limestone walls, the distant horizon lines, the pitted mason-marked paving stones, that all go towards the make up of this peaceful rural landscape of Puglia that I have been privileged to experience, The experience has filtered into my works.

Pauline sums up her inspirations as: "Rural; ancient associations; ancient relics; layers of time; spiritual landscape; distant horizons. Stone; limestone; carved stone; paving; stone mason; mark making; pitted stone; ruins/renovation, linking past, present and future. Time to observe, contemplate, breath and  time to draw. Natural world – vegetation, plant life, trees; order and determination of vegetation, always unfathomable; always a mystery, with its own flow; constant change; annual cycles—we always learn and never know all."

Pauline Burbidge working on Horizons of Puglia
Pauline Burbidge stitching HORIZONS OF PUGLIA. Photo by Brendan Kenny.

£13,500 GBP=approximatley $20,618 USD depending on current exhange rates

Note: This quilt is committed to exhibitions in the UK through June 2016.It can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit of $5000,
with the balance due before delivery in July 2016.

For more information or to purchase this quilt, contact Robert Shaw.
High res photos are available on request.

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Horizons of Puglia by Pauline Burbidge

Pauline Burbidge stitching Horizons of Puglia
Pauline Burbidge stitching HORIZONS OF PUGLIA. Photo by Brendan Kenny.


Detail of Horixons of Puglia by Pauline BUrbidge

Detail of Horizons of Puglia by Pauline Burbidge

Detail of Horizons of Puglia by Pauline Burbidge
All quilt photos are by Luke Watson.

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